How ESP Employee-Ownership Affects You

This December, ESP International will mark our fifth anniversary as a 100% employee-owned company.  This is a very exciting milestone for our company!

As we reflect upon those years, we celebrate all the various tangible and intangible ways that this unique opportunity changes the lives of our employee-owners and their families.

And how being employee-owned changes how we do business with you.

The core values at ESP International are Expertise, Service, and Passion and having “a stake in the game” amplifies how our employee-owners demonstrate those values.

Every day we approach our work and make decisions from the perspective of an owner:owners flag

  • focused on providing world-class service
  • striving for continuous improvement
  • creating value for all our stakeholders

We take ownership of each customer, each order, each transaction and see it through to resolution because WE OWN IT.

When you work with ESP International, you work directly with employee-owners.  We are a unique group of people who are laser-focused on a single goal: creating value for our customers and themselves by living our core values every day.

Have questions about employee ownership?

Check out these infographics from the National Center for Employee Ownership:


Or ask any one of our owners!



Becky Streff is ESP’s Director of  Organizational Effectiveness. She has held many key roles with ESP for over 10 years – including an originating member of ESP’s ESOP fiduciary committee.

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