ESP Inspection Advancements

In a lot of respects, I can be pretty old school.  Baseball should be played with wooden bats and there should be no designated hitter. You play the field. You bat. In full disclosure, I had a college baseball career because of the new DH rule – but doesn’t mean I like the rule. I think people should actually, at least occasionally, talk to each other. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for texting, emailing, insta-somethings, etc. I use them too. But the reality is that in today’s world if you aren’t utilizing and performing to what the market has and requires today, you are eating competitors dust.
Accuracy and speed to market aren’t things to wish for anymore. If you aren’t accurate, if you don’t assure quality, and you don’t turn product and services around quickly, well… it’s that dust menu New Visual Inspection Capabilities Videoagain.

If you are in the seal business you have and know how to use a calipers, micrometer, CMM, VCMM and the like. These are upgrades to the tapes and rulers of generations past right? But today, even those aren’t always good enough.  At ESP International we continue to press the envelope providing the best of services, product assurance, and speed to market.  Check out the video and see our new ruler. Speed to respond. Accurate to assure. Utilized to serve you better.

Do I still have a caliper on my desk? Yep. Right next to my ruler and rolodex.


Don Grawe is Director of Seal Markets for ESP International. He has over 20 years of experience in the seal industry serving the OEM industrial marketplace. You can learn more about ESP International at

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