A Possible Solution to Warranty Costs

Ok, this is going to sound simple and maybe silly but it is real.
Assuming you have a little bit of Mr (or Mrs) Fixit in you, have you ever looked into a garden hose connection that is spraying out all over everywhere only to find that the little gasket that goes into the connection is missing? Where did it go? Did I drop it? Was it ever there? If it was there why doesn’t it work?
What about that leaky faucet that you just replaced the washers and fittings. It’s still leaking! Exasperation is setting in.
You know what, this happens a lot more than you might think. In the building of all kinds of industrial machines, one of the biggest reasons for warranty claims is – NO SEALS! And if it does have a seal and you take it apart, it looks fine, then, why does it leak? So, you take it back. But often it’s not the seal that is bad. Installed improperly, squeezed too much, or it’s just plain missing… it’s the cheapest component on the widget. Did I use the word exasperation already?gasko-seal2
O-rings fall out. Gaskets get compressed into non-elastic strips of hard black non-sealing things. OK, you get my point. There is a solution. And utilizing a good material with sound design eliminates most of the scenarios. Gask-O-Seals. Taking multiple gaskets and o-rings and incorporating them into one retainer ring that limits the amount of compressive force on the seal. An answer you should really consider if any of these things are causing you warranty costs. How much does one single warranty claim cost you? Take that times “X” – your number of claims. Yes, Gask-o-Seals cost a little more than a set of o-rings. But by eliminating these warranty costs you save a bunch.
Not sure it’s an answer to my leaking garden hose, but at least if I know the seal is there and properly installed, it’s now a non-issue.

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Don Grawe is Director of Seal Markets for ESP International. He has over 20 years of experience in the seal industry serving the OEM industrial marketplace. You can learn more about ESP International at http://www.espint.com

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