The Benefits of World-Leading Seal and Gasket Fabrication

Small parts are a huge part of your business, and we know that. In fact, we’ve known and understood that for over 40 years, in which time our countless worldwide customers in so many industries have come to rely on our expertise.

When you need quality seal and gasket fabrication, it only makes sense to go to an expert—a company that knows everything about the gasket and fabrication market, and understands the needs of customers who count on them. That’s why our engineering services are so relied upon.

What do our clients find when working with us for seal and gasket fabrication? They get the highest value and service every step of the way, from prototyping through packaging. They also get on time delivery every time—we have a nearly perfect on-time delivery history. Additionally, they get the help of experts who have extensive knowledge of the industry, knowledge that leads to the best material selection, FEA and Fuji analysis, and more.

Not only does our team have insight into the best material selection for each and every application, but through our worldwide network of suppliers, we can procure the right materials at the right price, keeping your bottom line down. We work with a wide range of materials, including synthetic and natural rubber, cork, metal core, compressed non-asbestos sheet, Aramid fiber, and more.

Beyond our access to and knowledge of materials, we understand the challenges of today’s applications, no matter what they are. Whether your sealing applications are for diesel or gasoline engines, power equipment or generator gaskets, or anything in between, we know how to best engineer and fabricate to provide the solution for you.

Finally, quality control is almost an obsession of ours—it is critical to everything we do. We design, prototype, manufacture, and test to ensure the absolute highest standards are met.  Perhaps it’s all because we are 100% employee-owned, and we all truly care about our customers. Perhaps it’s because we all love what we do, or because we take pride in our work. Perhaps it’s all of the above.

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