The Right Seal for Challenging Conditions

The right seals ensure effectiveness and cost-efficiency, helping keep companies competitive. They are utilized by countless industries in many different applications. The difference between the right seal and one of poor quality is both significant and important to recognize. It directly affects the bottom line.

In PTO, drivetrain, and axle applications, rotary shaft sealing is both important and challenging.  The challenges throughout the design and implementation process include tolerance stack-up, speed, temperature and pressure conditions, and contamination concerns. The dynamic run-out (DRO) conditions resulting from system design, component flexibility, and component variations pose further challenges.

We were approached with an agricultural application where seal failure was occurring after less than 150 hours of service. One of the biggest reasons for the failure was a condition with as much as 0.060” of dynamic run-out (DRO).  This problem was costing the user time and money. The solution? The ESP TBCC profile effectively addressed this problem with its elastometric element geometry that can ride the shaft while maintaining sufficient contact loading and providing excellent sealability.

When approached with a similar problem occurring on an ATV drivetrain, our TBCC profile served as an equally effective solution. The seal’s profile features provide superior sealing in high DRO conditions and the competitive cost keeps it economical.

For challenging conditions such as these, the ESP TBCC offers excellent sealing, significant longevity, and cost effectiveness that far outweigh competitive products.


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